Film and Television

Alistair Rumball provides the complete marine service to film and television both in Ireland and internationally. We outline the workflow for a typical project below and highlight some of the progects we have worked on previously, ranging from films such as "Saving Private Ryan" to seven series of the hit TV show "Vikings".

Please contact our offices to discuss your requirements further, we'd be happy to chat with you about what we can offer.

Concept Development & Feasibility Study

  • Explore suitability of shooting in Ireland for any marine concept
  • Assess practicality of using sea, lake, river or tank
  • Production of Health and Safety Statements for all of the below

Produce Outline Budget

  • Liaise with Director, Art Department and Line Producer to develop Project
  • Produce outline costings for consideration by client

Source Hero Boats by

  • Constructing new vessels
  • Adapting from existing craft
  • Sourcing craft from Ireland and Internationally
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant national/local authorities for use

Preparation for Filming on the Water

  • Production of method statement

Sourse and supply:

  • Support Craft
  • Work Platforms
  • Sound Boats
  • Smoke and other visual effect boats
  • Camera Boats
  • Safety Boats
  • Safety Swim Teams

Marine Personnel

  • Hiring of qualified boat crews for action and support roles


  • Transport of all marine equipment to and from site
  • Craneage and Assembly on-site

Onsite Location Co-ordination

  • During Build Up, Testing, Rehearsal, Shot and Wrap
  • Supply Lifejackets, Drysuits and all marine safety equipment

Some of our past projects

1. Saving Private Ryan – 1997

  • Steven Spielberg
  • 60 Marine Crew
  • Supporting Beach Landings

2. Robin Hood – 2009

  • Ridley Scott
  • Beach Sequence in Wales
  • Marine Co-ordination/Advisor Role

3. The Guard – 2010

  • Michael McDonnagh
  • Marine Sequence in Wicklow Harbour

4. Commercials

  1. Vodafone
  2. PTSB
  3. Eir

7. Features

  • Singe Street
  • Treasure Island (Sky)
  • Peter Pan (Sky)

8. Vikings TV Series

  • 7 series to date
  • Co-ordinating 12 Viking Ships
  • Up to 22 support craft
  • Up to 230 people working on the water
  • Complete Marine Services