RS Neo - Ideal for Irish Clubs

By Kenneth Rumball
Friday, 18th December 2020
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The RS Neo was introduced in 2017, filling a gap many clubs and training centres have in converting beginner adult sailors to regular sailors and active members.

Introducing the RS Neo...

So what's it's role? It is a quick and easy to sail single hander, with a carbon fibre mast and aero style rig, however, the plastic hull provides durability that isn't found in a fibreglass boat. Practically, it allows intermediate and more advanced adult sailors improve their skills and have a great time afloat, all while not having to worry about breakages that would otherwise be an inevitable part of building skills and a love for sailing.

Performance hasn't been compromised

As you can see, it still moves! It's a lightweight, with the hull only weighing 58kg, and a carbon fibre rig keeps the overall weight down.

What are the key features?

Want more information?

Kenneth Rumball would be delighted to chat with you about the boat. Please do get in touch, and in the meantime check out RS Sailing's full information on the RS Neo.

So far in this round of Sports Capital Grants, we've had a significant number of enquiries from clubs around Ireland about the RS Neo, keen to build on the increased demand for single handed sailing and looking for a way to keep new sailors engaged in 2021.

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